Fashion Tips for a Korean-inspired Transformation

Posted: Jan 16 2014

Ladies tend to invest time and money on their clothes, and some even follow trends so they won't look outdated. For these gals, Korean fashion is likely on the list of must-try trends in 2014. Be inspired by the irresistible K-pop fashion, and try the tips below to transform your look.

Shoes and makeup are two elements that should complement a Korean-inspired outfit. Since most Korean clothes are simple yet unique, allow your makeup to offset what's lacking; wear shoes in vibrant colors and don shimmer face makeup and blush in bright shades of pink or peach. However, go for makeup in subtle, neutral shades if you wear clothes with elaborate designs or vibrant colors.

Korean clothing can easily be identified by their layers and length. Some Korean-inspired outfits consist of several layers that showcase the wearer’s distinct feminine beauty, while others are knee-length dresses that show off a bit of gorgeous skin without going overboard. These dresses can be accentuated with various types of accessories, such as colorful necklaces and bracelets.

For the Korean signature style, scarf, belt, and hats are best included in the outfit. The colors of most Korean dresses are vibrant yet simple-looking when paired with other items. Make sure to top off your Korean-inspired look outfit with eye-catching headbands and clips.


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